CNA Skills Test Videos

There are several good videos out on the web that cover the various skills that a CNA must master in order to pass the clinical portion of the CNA exam.  Using these videos can provide a tangible demonstration of the skills and patient interactions needed to be an effective Certified Nursing Assistant. Typical skills that are covered in these videos are dressing a patient, moving a patient, handwashing, mouth care, catheter care, patient ambulation and bedpan assistance.

Here is a consolidated list of reviews on some of the top CNA skills test videos on the web.

4YourCNA has a good compilation of videos on all aspects of the hands-on CNA skills test.  Videos range in Handwashing to Feeding a Patient in a Chair to assisting a Resident With a Bedpan.  These videos are quite thorough and provide a large checklist for the CNA candidate to review in relation to how the skills are performed and evaluated in a skills test setting. Their videos make good use of graphics to help document everything that you’re watching.

California CNA Tests – Santa Barbara City College
The Santa Barbara City College has produced a series of CNA skills test videos that can also be valuable for brushing up before the skills test. Each video covers various aspects of critical CNA skills. While the emphasis in the videos is based on California procedures and testing, the basic skills demonstrated are applicable across all states. There are 25 videos in total.  They range in topic area from wheelchair processes, mouth care, shoulder work, blood pressure checks and patient feeding. The videos are fairly thorough and do a very nice job of walking through the various CNA procedures in detail. In each video, the CNA trainer talks through each of the required steps. Additionally, the video has accompanying text graphics that highlight key points of the procedures, such as in the blood pressure video “Inflate to 160mm”. Finally, each video has two sections, one with narration and one without, which gives more of a real-life patient scenario.

SacMed Training Video Tutorials
This comprehensive CNA skill video collection covers 19 topics, including hand washing, hygiene procedures, feeding patients, and making an occupied bed.  The videos are thorough and have good video and audio quality.  There are also helpful narrative titles and checklists that help guide the viewer through the video topic.  The checklists are especially helpful for those studying and looking for last minute reminders prior to taking a clinical exam.

Perfect CNA Training Academy
This CNA skills video is put on by the Perfect CNA Training Academy.  The video demonstrates various skills such as Blood Pressure, Pulse and Respiration, Weight, and Feeding.  The video has a CNA performing different skills on a patient, talking through the points of emphasis in the skill.  This video does not have as much in the way of graphics or text callouts.