CNA Classes Available Online

As one of the fastest growing career paths today, the healthcare industry has many rewarding and well-paying jobs, among them a certified nursing assistant, or CNA. With the recent surge in popularity of online classes, individuals looking to gain the skills needed to become a CNA can find convenient, affordable classes available that set them on the fast track to their dream job. However, not every class found on the internet is worthy of a student’s time and money, and it is important to be aware of scams.

Nearly all training programs across each state have two components. There are CNA classes where candidates are taught the backgrounds of basic CNA skills and then there is a clinical section for hands on training. The background component of these CNA classes are what can be available online. Obviously, the hands on training/clinical aspect of training must be done in person.

Community College Classes

One of the most convenient aspects about a job as a CNA is that it doesn’t require a college degree. This means that four-year universities, which are often very expensive, are not necessary when pursuing online classes. While no CNA class is taught entirely online, since hands-on training with real patients is a critical part of learning, many community colleges offer a large portion of CNA classes online. These classes are almost always significantly cheaper than those offered at a four-year university. Students also have the advantage of enrolling only in classes needed to become a CNA, so their schedule doesn’t have to be filled up with biology and chemistry classes they don’t need.

Technical and Vocational Schools

While community colleges offer courses on a broad range of subjects, technical and vocational schools are a great option for those who prefer an environment focused on the healthcare industry. Many vocational schools that teach classes revolving around nursing can be found across the country, and these same schools are likely to offer classes online. An advantage of this option is being taught by professors who are extremely knowledgeable in the field of nursing and who have professional connections that can help students find their first job.

Beware of Scams

Just because something looks professional doesn’t mean it’s real. Unfortunately, many scammers aim to take advantage of prospective students by making inaccurate statements and offering shoddy classes that do nothing but waste a student’s time and money. A major clue that something isn’t right is a website that claims the entire CNA course can be taken online, without any in-person training. This is not possible, as state law requires every CNA to have a specific number of hours of bedside training. Another red flag is a site that offers the chance to gain a CNA certificate extremely quickly. Between the hours spent learning via textbooks, the bedside work and the final exam, it’s simply impossible to gain a legitimate CNA certificate in a couple of weeks.

Find a Class That’s Right For You

Though any potential student must be vigilant in avoiding online scams, real opportunities to take CNA classes online certainly exist. Whether through a community college or a technical or vocational school, taking a large portion of the class online can be both convenient and affordable. With such a high demand for CNAs, online classes are likely to become even more popular in the future.