CNA Practice Test

If you’re exploring the possibility of working as a CNA, you’ll need to be able to pass the exam to become certified. To help you in your preparation, we’ve put together the following CNA practice test with a number of questions that will mimic the types of questions you’ll see on the multiple choice version of the test. This CNA practice test is timed so pay attention to your pace to make sure you leave enough time to finish all of the questions.

This is an abbreviated CNA test.  The test contains 60 questions and you will have 90 minutes to complete it.  You cannot pause the test to keep your place.  When you are ready click the “Start” button.  Good luck!

Be ready for your Certified Nursing Assistant Exam with our free CNA practice test

Unlike many of the study courses available online and offline, we offer this practice test along with the other resources on this website absolutely free of charge. The questions are designed to mimic the questions you can expect to see on the actual CNA exam and will test the knowledge and skills you’ve learned if you’ve taken any certified nursing assistant courses either live or online. Questions will cover topics including:

  • Care of cognitive impaired patients
  • Patient and professional communication
  • Personal care skills
  • Patient mental health needs
  • Resident’s rights
  • Safety
  • Infection control
  • Emergency procedures
  • Restorative services
  • Legal and ethical concerns

Take our CNA quizzes and practice tests as often as you’d like to brush up on your skills and improve your final score when taking the CNA exam.