CNA Training In Illinois

The unemployment rate in the state of Illinois continues to rise as the economy gets tighter. Although the government is doing the necessary actions to alleviate the problem, there are still a number of people who were unable to secure a job and provide their needs. However, the healthcare industry is growing and it can provide a more stable job for individuals who are unemployed. Even if you are a high school graduate, you can still get a certification as a Nursing Assistant. An CNA training program in Illinois will take few weeks to complete and if you passed the certification exam, you will be eligible to work in hospitals, nursing homes, and many other health care institutions. Certified Nursing Assistants in Illinois have an annual salary of $31,000 and they also receive health and dental benefits. This job is definitely rewarding so if you plan to pursue this career, you have to know what the CNA training is all about.

Illinois approves several training programs that aspiring CNA’s should take in order to become certified. Although there are no online programs available, numerous facilities within the state offer CNA classes and training programs. Depending on the facility you choose, it is expected that the training program will reach to 150 hours covering topics on body mechanics, back care, anatomy, mental health, physiology and other nursing skills. The fees for the training will vary on the facility you choose but it often ranges to $700 and $1,500. Try to check the facility whether you can pay the tuition by working right after you pass the CNA exam and get certified.

As soon as you are finished with the training, your next plan is to take and pass the exam. The test is divided in 6 sections and it will measure your skills and knowledge on resident rights, patients with social service needs and mental health, restorative skills, giving personal care, basic nursing skills and communicating information. Two weeks after the exam, you will receive a pass or fail results. During the exam, you have to bring two number 2 lead pencils having erasers and a photo ID issued by the state. There are websites in the internet that can help you identify where to take the exam. You simply have to enter the zip code and see the closest sites. If you wished to take a practice test, these websites can give you that.

Once you passed the exam, you can apply for certification. Make sure that you completed all the necessary requirements and you have a clean criminal record so that you are allowed to apply. Hundreds of healthcare related job openings are available in Illinois these days and if you are a Certified Nursing Assistant, you may get a job right away. This career is very stable and you can even proceed to Nursing or Medicine if you want to be a Registered Nurse or a Physician. It is projected that the healthcare industry will grow to 28% over the coming years.

CNA Classes, Training and Resources in Illinois

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