How to Practice for the CNA Skills Test

The process of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant requires passing both a written and practical skills tests, after which one can be eligible for employment in a designated state. Depending on the individual’s location, the CNA skills test may cover three to six different practices required of nursing aides, which will be demonstrated in front of an examiner in order to assure proficiency. Although there may only be a few skills which are needed to show proficiency during this portion of the test, aspiring nurses should know that the test designators can choose from around thirty different practical tasks that Certified Nursing Aides should be able to perform.

CNA Skills Test Prep

To prepare for the skills portion of the examination, test takers should brush up on the proper way to wash hands. Nursing aides will be expected to perform proper sanitary practices, including disposing of waste. Cleanliness is not only require of the aide, but also the patient. The skills needed to demonstrate this competency on the test will call for the correct demonstration of mouth care, feeding, and hand or nail care on the part of the patient. On top these skills, test givers may ask for a correct application of stockings and how to assist a patient in dressing themselves. The CNA skills tests will ask for the proper demonstration of measuring blood pressure, height and weight or even recording urinary output from patients.

Preparation for becoming certified and passing the skills test will occur during on the job training. Despite having prior exposure to these potential test requirements, potential nursing aides must have the ability to practice the skills outside of the healthcare facility before being asked to do them in front of an examiner. These skills are not simply to demonstrate the ability of the test taker, but are required for the proper care of those in need. Therefore, it is recommended that applicants for certification do their homework before going in to take the test. There are a multitude of resources available, not least of which should be the primary training that an aspiring nursing aide should receive.

While more direct skills like moving patients from bed-to-bed and placing in the correct body position demand a thorough understanding by a Certified Nursing Aide, they should also understand that patients benefit from kindness and affection as well. Before going in to take the skills test, it would be greatly beneficial if the nursing aide had a great personality and was able to interact with patients personally. This may go along way on the examination portion of the test also; potentially showing the examiner that the patient is in good hands. Just like the skills that are needed to pass the CNA skills test, communication can be practiced each time the prospective nursing aide is in a position to do so. With the capability to understand each patient’s needs, the job of the nursing aide can be more effective. On top of this, anticipating what is required during each duty without having the examiner step in may potentially impress those watching, including the patient. It is important to understand that the test is practical and there are reasons for being proficient in what is needed by a Certified Nursing Aide. Not only will this make for a better CNA, but a safer one as well.