Preparing for the CNA Exam

You’ve finally finished your Certified Nursing Assistant courses. While the road to becoming a CNA has likely been a tough one filled with many obstacles, one final challenge must be tackled before you get your license: The CNA exam.

If you’re having trouble studying for the CNA license examination, follow these helpful preparation tips to improve your chances of receiving a passing grade.

Get a Study Guide

Study guides are always helpful in these types of situations.

Useful study guides are readily available online. You can find your state’s study guide by visiting their licensing and certification website. The study guide will provide useful information regarding test format, techniques that may be useful when taking the test and even sample questions that have been taken from previous versions of the test.

If you cannot find these types of study guides online, your local bookstore may have a variety of different options for you to choose from.

Create a Study Schedule

Just like any other test, setting aside ample time to study is essential to your success.

The best way to go about this is to schedule at least ninety minutes a day, five days a week to study. Concentrate on one area of the exam each time you sit down to begin your study session. The amount study time can be adjusted if you have a minimal amount of days left before your exam.

Hands-On Training

Depending on your state of residence, hands-on activities may be part of the exam.

Make sure to attend a training seminar that specifically discusses this part of the exam. Continue to practice until you are thoroughly familiar with every procedure.

Take a Practice Test

Taking a practice test is an essential step that must be completed before the day of the exam. Practice tests are formatted exactly like the real thing, offering you the best opportunity to get used to the types of questions that will be asked on your test day.

Practice tests often come with study guides. It may also be helpful to ask one of your close friends or family members to be your proctor during the practice exam.

The Day of the Exam

Because you have likely been cramming for this test during the week leading up to your examination date, it’s best to put the books down and let your brain relax on the big day. You most likely won’t be able to remember the majority of what you read if you study on the day of the test.