CNA Classes in Altoona

Nestled amid the scenic hills of Pennsylvania, Altoona offers a vibrant healthcare community with a deep commitment to caregiving. Aspiring Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) here have access to a city that values excellence in healthcare education and practice. Our page serves as a guiding light for those embarking on the journey to CNA certification in this dynamic locale, providing a comprehensive directory of accredited CNA classes in Altoona and the surrounding region. These programs are carefully curated to align with the unique demands of the local healthcare landscape, offering a structured pathway to CNA certification. As you explore this page, you’ll discover tailored educational opportunities that equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in Altoona’s thriving healthcare sector. Dive into a world of possibilities and seize the chance to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others within this vibrant and caring community.

These are the state-accredited CNA providers located in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Program Address Zip Code Phone Number
Altoona Center for Nursing Care 1020 Green Avenue 16601 (814) 946-2700
Greater Altoona CTC 1500 Fourth Ave 16602 (814) 946-8469

Altoona Requirements for CNAs

  1. Age and Education: Be at least 16 years old and hold a high school diploma or GED.
  2. Approved Training: Enroll in and complete a state-approved Nursing Assistant program in Pennsylvania. These programs, usually lasting 4-12 weeks, provide tailored training that aligns with Altoona’s healthcare standards.
  3. Competency Exam: Pass the Pennsylvania state competency exam to demonstrate your knowledge and practical skills.
  4. Background Check: Expect a thorough background check to ensure patient safety.
  5. Registry Listing: After passing the exam and background check, your name will be added to the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Registry, confirming your status as a qualified Nursing Assistant in Altoona.
  6. Ongoing Education: To maintain your certification, keep up with continuing education requirements, ensuring you stay current with local healthcare practices.

Stay updated on these requirements through Altoona’s Pennsylvania Department of Health or your chosen training program, as prerequisites may evolve to meet the city’s unique healthcare needs.

Employment & Salary Information for CNAs in Altoona

  • Altoona, PA:
    • CNAs Employed: 860
    • Average Hourly Wage: $16.68
    • Average Annual Salary: $34,690
  • Pennsylvania (State Average):
    • CNAs Employed: 10,440
    • Average Hourly Wage: $17.50
    • Average Annual Salary: $36,400
  • United States (National Average):
    • CNAs Employed: 1,310,090
    • Average Hourly Wage: $17.41
    • Average Annual Salary: $36,220

In Altoona, CNAs earn slightly less than the state average for Pennsylvania. The average hourly wage of $16.68 and an annual salary of $34,690 are reflective of the local cost of living and the region’s unique healthcare landscape. When compared to the national averages, Altoona’s CNA salaries are somewhat lower, indicating the city’s distinct economic factors and healthcare dynamics.

Metro Area   CNAs Employed  Avg. Hourly Wage Avg. Annual Salary
Altoona        860 $16.68 $34,690
Pennsylvania  10,440 $17.50 $36,400
United States 1,310,090 $17.41 $36,220