CNA Classes in Amarillo

Embracing a steadfast commitment to healthcare excellence, Amarillo, TX, beckons individuals to embark on a transformative journey as Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). This platform serves as a gateway to explore accredited CNA programs across the state of Texas, catering to those aspiring to contribute meaningfully to the realm of patient care. Aspiring CNAs in Amarillo are poised to partake in a dynamic field that not only offers foundational medical knowledge and practical skills but also paves the way for a rewarding career path. The listings presented herein encapsulate the diverse opportunities for growth within Amarillo’s healthcare landscape, where compassionate care meets professional advancement.

The following list includes CNA programs in Amarillo, TX that are approved by the state of Texas.

Program Address Zip Code Phone Number
ACSC CNA Program 6641 West Amarillo Blvd 79106 (806) 352-8800
Amarillo College-Center For Continuing Health Care 6222 W. 9th 79178 (806) 467-3028
Gateway to Health Careers 301 S. Polk, Ste 740 79101 (806) 337-1700
Heritage Convalescent Center 1009 Clyde St 79106 (806)352-5295
Hillside Heights Rehabilitation Suites 6650 S Soncy Road 79119 (806)457-6700
Hinkson Memorial Campus of Amarillo College CNA Program 6222 W 9th Ave Bldg. A 79106 (806) 379-2700
The Arbors Nurse Aide Training Program 1910 Medi Park Dr 79106 (806) 337-4564
The Medical Lodge of Amarillo 9 Medical Dr 79106 (806) 352-2731
Ware Living Center 1510 Van Buren 79101 (806) 337-4000

Requirements for CNA Classes in Amarillo, TX

Becoming a certified CNA in Amarillo, TX, involves several key steps and requirements:

  • Education: Completion of a state-approved CNA training program is essential. These programs encompass theoretical coursework and hands-on clinical experience, offering comprehensive preparation for the role.
  • Age Requirement: Prospective CNAs must be at least 18 years old to enroll in an accredited training program.
  • Criminal Background Check: Aspiring CNAs are required to undergo a criminal background check. Certain convictions may disqualify candidates from pursuing certification.
  • Immunization: Up-to-date immunization records, including specific vaccinations, are often mandatory to ensure the safety of both CNAs and patients.
  • Health Screening: Some programs and facilities may require a health screening to ascertain physical fitness for the role.
  • Written and Skills Examination: Upon completing the training program, candidates must pass a two-part examination. This consists of a written test assessing theoretical knowledge and a skills evaluation, gauging hands-on proficiency.
  • State Certification: Successful completion of the examination leads to state certification, a pivotal credential for practicing as a CNA in Amarillo and throughout Texas.
  • Continuing Education: CNAs must engage in ongoing education to maintain their certification, ensuring they stay updated with evolving medical practices and regulations.
  • Compassion and Dedication: Beyond meeting formal requirements, CNAs should embody qualities of empathy, dedication, and a strong work ethic, as they play a crucial role in delivering quality care to patients in Amarillo’s healthcare ecosystem.

Navigating these steps enables individuals to enter the rewarding realm of CNA work in Amarillo, TX, contributing to the city’s healthcare community and enriching lives through their compassionate service.

CNA Pay in Amarillo, TX, Texas

In Amarillo, TX, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) can expect to earn an average hourly wage of $14.81, translating to an annual salary of approximately $30,800. This compensation, while slightly below the state average of $15.46 per hour and $32,150 annually, provides a solid foundation for individuals seeking a fulfilling career in the healthcare sector. In Amarillo, this income allows CNAs to maintain a comfortable lifestyle, covering essential living expenses and providing room for modest indulgences. The city’s cost of living, often lower than in more urbanized areas, complements the earnings, enabling CNAs to enjoy a decent quality of life.

To enhance their earnings potential, CNAs in Amarillo can consider several strategies:

  • Continued Education: Pursuing additional certifications and specialized training can open doors to higher-paying roles within the healthcare field, such as geriatric care or specialized units.
  • Experience and Expertise: As CNAs accumulate experience, their value to healthcare facilities increases. Seasoned professionals may qualify for supervisory roles or positions with higher responsibilities and corresponding pay scales.
  • Shift Differentials: Many healthcare facilities offer higher pay for night shifts, weekends, and holidays. Taking advantage of these shift differentials can significantly boost earnings.
  • Pursue Advancement: CNAs can further their careers by pursuing advanced degrees in nursing, transitioning into roles like Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Registered Nurse (RN), which come with higher salaries.
  • Geographical Mobility: Exploring opportunities in areas with higher demand for CNAs or better pay can lead to improved compensation.

By leveraging these strategies, CNAs can not only elevate their earning potential in Amarillo but also attain greater job satisfaction and professional growth within the dynamic healthcare sector.

Metro Area   CNAs Employed  Avg. Hourly Wage Avg. Annual Salary
Amarillo                    1,020 $14.81 $30,800
Texas                  24,940 $15.46 $32,150
United States            1,310,090 $17.41 $36,220