CNA Classes in Asheville

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Western North Carolina, Asheville emerges not only as a cultural hub but also as a center for educational excellence in the realm of healthcare. Amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains’ serene backdrop, we present a comprehensive listing of Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) classes, designed to empower aspiring healthcare professionals with foundational skills.

Asheville’s commitment to holistic well-being is mirrored in these CNA classes, where theoretical rigor seamlessly integrates with practical training. These offerings, spread across various reputable institutions within the city, cater to individuals seeking to embark on a meaningful journey within the healthcare sector. With a focus on hands-on experience and theoretical precision, these CNA classes ensure graduates are well-prepared to provide compassionate care in diverse medical settings.

In this comprehensive guide, discover meticulously curated options that align with Asheville’s ethos of fostering excellence and community-driven care. From renowned educational facilities to specialized healthcare training centers, Asheville’s array of CNA classes stands as a testament to the city’s dedication to nurturing healthcare professionals of unwavering competence and integrity.

These are the state accredited CNA providers located in Asheville, North Carolina.

Program City Phone Number
Asheville-Buncombe Tech Community College Asheville (828) 254-1921
Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College Asheville (828) 398-7960
Mission Hospital Asheville (828) 213-1111

Asheville Requirements for CNAs

Embarking on a rewarding journey towards a healthcare vocation in Asheville demands a clear understanding of the prerequisites for becoming a proficient nursing assistant. Aspiring individuals are encouraged to navigate through the specific criteria set forth by local regulatory bodies, ensuring a seamless transition into this vital role within the medical arena.

The city’s commitment to upholding healthcare standards reflects in the rigorous requirements for nursing assistant candidates. Typically, candidates are expected to complete a state-approved training program that strikes a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical experience. This equips them with the essential skills to provide compassionate care in various medical settings.

Furthermore, individuals seeking to join the ranks of healthcare professionals in Asheville must undergo a thorough background check and attain certification from the appropriate regulatory authorities. This certification serves as a testament to their commitment to upholding the city’s healthcare standards.

Asheville’s emphasis on comprehensive education is not just limited to medical training; it extends to fostering interpersonal skills, adaptability, and a strong work ethic. With these attributes in place, aspiring nursing assistants can confidently step into their roles, contributing meaningfully to the well-being of the local community amidst the backdrop of the city’s serene landscapes.

Employment & Salary Information for CNAs in Asheville

In the charming city of Asheville, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) enjoy a compensation package that reflects the city’s unique blend of qualities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics data, Asheville hosts approximately 2,920 CNAs who earn an average hourly wage of $15.85, translating to an annual salary of $32,970.

Comparing this to the broader state context of North Carolina, where the average hourly wage for CNAs stands at $15.28, with an annual salary of $31,780 for the 81,170 CNAs employed, it’s evident that Asheville’s nursing assistants are positioned slightly higher on the earning scale.

On the national stage, the United States reports an average hourly wage of $17.41, resulting in an annual salary of $36,220 for the 1,310,090 CNAs. Here, Asheville’s CNA salaries appear to be slightly lower than the national average but remain competitive in the regional and state contexts.

The salary figures emphasize Asheville’s commitment to recognizing the valuable contributions of CNAs, aligning with the city’s reputation for embracing healthcare excellence. While the city’s wages may differ from the national average, the compensation package underscores the significance Asheville places on healthcare professionals and their role in providing quality care amidst the stunning landscapes of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Metro Area CNAs Employed Avg. Hourly Wage Avg. Annual Salary
Asheville 2,920 $15.85 $32,970
North Carolina  81,170 $15.28 $31,780
United States 1,310,090 $17.41 $36,220