CNA Classes in Killeen, TX

In the heart of Killeen, a vibrant blend of community values and a thriving healthcare scene awaits those aspiring to become Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). This platform unveils a curated collection of accredited CNA programs across Texas, offering a launchpad into a fulfilling patient care journey. Killeen’s CNAs are poised to engage in a dynamic field that blends medical knowledge with hands-on skills, providing access to diverse career prospects. The listings provided here encapsulate the avenues for growth within Killeen’s healthcare landscape, where compassion and career progression align seamlessly.

The following list includes CNA programs in Killeen that are approved by the state of Texas.

Program Address Zip Code Phone Number
Bracey’s Nursing Solutions 1301 Leader Drive 76549 (254) 535-1640
Elite Nurse Aide Training 3300 F. Central Texas Expy Ste. 300 76543 (254) 628-2433
Killeen Nursing and Rehabilitation 5000 Thayer Drive 76549 (254) 221-6380

Requirements for CNA Classes in Killeen

Becoming a certified CNA in Killeen, Texas, entails several pivotal steps and criteria:

  • Education: Enroll in an approved CNA training program covering essential knowledge and skills.
  • Age Requirement: Candidates must be 18 years or older to join the training.
  • Background Check: Clear a comprehensive criminal background check for patient safety.
  • Immunization Records: Provide updated immunization records for a secure healthcare environment.
  • Health Screening: Some programs or facilities may require a health assessment.
  • Examination: Pass a two-part test, assessing theory and practical skills.
  • State Certification: Successful examinees obtain state certification for legal CNA practice.
  • Continued Education: Maintain certification through ongoing learning.
  • Compassion and Dedication: Embody empathy, dedication, and a strong work ethic.

These steps ensure a legitimate pathway into the CNA profession in Killeen, Texas, aligning with the city’s healthcare dedication and offering a gratifying healthcare career.

CNA Pay in Killeen, Texas

In Killeen, Texas, CNAs can expect to earn an average hourly wage of $14.79, translating to an annual salary of about $30,770. While these figures may seem slightly below the state and national averages, Killeen’s moderate cost of living ensures that CNAs can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Housing costs, groceries, and daily expenses align favorably with earnings, creating a balanced equation.

To enhance earnings in Killeen, CNAs can consider:

  • Education Advancement: Pursue additional certifications or specialized training for higher-paying roles.
  • Experience Counts: Greater experience increases value and can lead to better-paying positions.
  • Shift Flexibility: Working nights, weekends, or holidays often offers higher pay rates.
  • Professional Growth: Seek leadership roles or administrative responsibilities for increased income potential.

In summary, Killeen’s CNA salaries offer a promising lifestyle with the city’s cost-effectiveness. Embracing growth opportunities, CNAs can contribute to their community’s well-being while enjoying a fulfilling career journey.

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