CNA Classes in Laredo

Nestled on the Texas-Mexico border, Laredo boasts cultural richness and a healthcare commitment. Our collection of Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) classes reflects this spirit. Tailored for Laredo’s aspiring healthcare professionals, these courses merge theory and practice. From bustling medical facilities to serene senior care centers, these programs unlock the path to a fulfilling healthcare career in Laredo.

These are the state accredited CNA providers located in Laredo, Texas.

Program Address Zip Code Phone Number
Laredo Job Corps Center 1701 Island 78041 (956) 727-5147
Laredo Nursing and Rehabilitation 1701 Tournament Trail Dr. 78041 (832) 704-4331
Laredo South Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 1100 Galveston 78040 (956) 723-2068
Laredo West Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 1200 E Lane Street 78040 (956) 722-0031
Las Alturas NATCEP 4301 North Bartlett Ave 78041 (956) 615-0456
Retama Manor Nursing Center Laredo-South 1100 Galveston St. 78040 (409)549-2860
South Texas Training Center – Laredo 1220 N. Malinche Ave. Suite B 78043 (956) 727-4909

Laredo Requirements for CNAs

Becoming a skilled healthcare aide in Laredo, Texas, involves distinct prerequisites tailored to the city’s commitment to patient care. Reflecting Laredo’s cultural blend, aspiring individuals should enroll in state-approved training programs to nurture practical skills and theoretical insight. Meeting a minimum age criterion affirms maturity for this responsibility.

Aligned with Laredo’s excellence in healthcare, candidates must undergo a thorough criminal background check, ensuring safety for patients and practitioners. Additionally, up-to-date immunization records contribute to a secure healthcare environment.

Reflecting the city’s dynamic spirit, certain training programs and healthcare facilities may require health screenings. This ensures fitness for the role and aligns with Laredo’s healthcare vision.

Successfully meeting these requirements marks entry into healthcare provision while aligning with Laredo’s commitment to a proficient and compassionate healthcare workforce.

Employment & Salary Information for CNAs in Laredo

Laredo, Texas, carves its niche on the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) salary scale. CNAs here earn an average hourly wage of $13.32, translating to around $27,700 annually.

While these figures might be slightly below the state and national averages, it’s vital to consider Laredo’s economic context and cost of living. The equilibrium between salaries and expenses ensures CNAs can maintain a comfortable lifestyle while contributing to healthcare.

Strategies for boosting earnings in Laredo include:

  • Continuous Learning: Pursue advanced certifications or specialized training for higher-paying roles.
  • Experience Valued: As CNAs gain experience, their value within healthcare facilities increases.
  • Shift Differentials: Night shifts, weekends, and holidays often come with higher pay rates.

Laredo’s CNA salaries reflect its commitment to quality care. Balancing living costs, CNAs can contribute effectively to their career and the local healthcare scene.

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