CNA Classes in New Bedford

Nestled on the shores of Buzzards Bay, New Bedford boasts a rich maritime heritage and a close-knit community spirit. Amidst its historic streets and scenic views emerges an opportunity for aspiring caregivers – Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) classes. This page serves as your guide to CNA programs within the city, where the echoes of compassionate healthcare resonate through its cultural fabric. As the sun illuminates cobblestone paths, students in these programs embark on a journey fusing theoretical knowledge with hands-on patient care. New Bedford’s unique blend of tradition and progress creates an ideal environment for aspiring CNAs to not only cultivate their skills but also contribute to the city’s health and well-being.

These are the state-accredited CNA providers located in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Program Address Zip Code Phone Number
Coastal Career Academy 26 South Water Street 02740 (774) 627-0116
Greater New Bedford Reg. Voc. Tech. H.S. 1121 Ashley Boulevard 02745 (508) 998-3321
Lifestream Employment & Training Services 444 Myrtle Street 02746 (508) 991-4503
New Bedford High School 230 Hathaway Boulevard 02745 (508) 997-4511

New Bedford Requirements for CNAs

Embarking on the journey to become a healthcare cornerstone in New Bedford demands adherence to city-specific prerequisites. Aspiring individuals are encouraged to tread this path that weaves theoretical understanding with hands-on finesse.

Prospective caregivers in New Bedford are invited to enroll in state-approved training programs, meticulously crafted to infuse the essence of compassionate care into the city’s health landscape. These programs seamlessly merge classroom insights with real-world clinical experiences, nurturing a holistic skill set emblematic of New Bedford’s commitment to excellence.

Furthermore, candidates are to navigate a comprehensive background check and, at times, furnish documented immunization records and negative TB tests. This meticulous screening mirrors New Bedford’s devotion to upholding patient well-being, harmonizing with the city’s spirit of responsible healthcare.

Armed with training and a clean background, individuals venture into New Bedford’s healthcare sphere, poised to conquer a competency evaluation. This assessment affirms the proficiency and dedication New Bedford’s caregivers bring to their roles.

Amidst the formal requisites, New Bedford’s maritime heritage and close-knit community beckon aspirants to infuse their journey with empathy and a genuine sense of belonging. The city’s culture is the backdrop as nursing assistants, beyond their vocational goals, contribute to New Bedford’s legacy of heartfelt healthcare delivery.

Employment & Salary Information for CNAs in New Bedford

In New Bedford, the landscape of Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) salaries harmoniously aligns with both national and state averages. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, New Bedford employs around 850 CNAs, garnering an average hourly wage of $18.38, translating to an annual income of approximately $38,230.

Comparatively, Massachusetts boasts an average CNA hourly wage of $19.90, resulting in an annual salary of roughly $41,390. While New Bedford’s CNA salaries nestle slightly below the state average, this speaks to the city’s unique economic interplay.

On a broader scale, within the entire United States – home to a vast 1,310,090 CNAs – the average hourly wage reaches $17.41, with an annual salary of around $36,220. New Bedford’s CNA salaries surpass this national benchmark, a testament to the city’s commitment to fostering a robust healthcare workforce.

These salary insights underscore New Bedford’s role in harmonizing local and wider economic dynamics, shaping an environment where dedicated CNAs thrive while contributing to the city’s healthcare tapestry.

Metro Area   CNAs Employed  Avg. Hourly Wage Avg. Annual Salary
New Bedford 850 $18.38 $38,230
Massachusetts 4,310 $19.90 $41,390
United States 1,310,090 $17.41 $36,220