CNA Classes in Odessa, TX

In the heart of Odessa’s spirited community, a transformative journey awaits those aspiring to become Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). This platform serves as a guide, directing eager learners to a range of accredited CNA programs nestled within the vibrant landscape of Texas. Amidst Odessa’s dynamic essence, these programs form the cornerstone where compassionate caregiving converges with essential medical skills. Reflecting the city’s dedication to fostering a skilled healthcare workforce, the options presented here empower individuals to thrive within diverse healthcare settings. As Odessa flourishes, CNAs take center stage in shaping the city’s healthcare narrative—a journey that seamlessly weaves fulfilling careers with impactful service to the local community.

These are the state accredited CNA providers located in Odessa, Texas.

Program Address Zip Code Phone Number
Madison Medical Resort N.A. Program 5001 Office Park Drive 79762 (214) 557-7397
McCamey High School 201 W. University Blvd. 79764 (432) 335-6580
NATCEP Buena Vida Nursing and Rehabilitation 3800 Englewood Lane 79762 (432) 362-2583
New Tech High 201 W. University 79764 (432) 335-6400
Odessa College 201 University Blvd 79764 (432) 335-6539
Odessa Nurse Aide Training Course 2443 W. 16th Street 79763 (432) 333-2904
The Parks Senior Living 111 Parks Village Dr. 79765 (432) 563-5707
Xcellerated Nurse Aide Training 1465 Westbrook Ave 79761 (432) 254-4552

Odessa Requirements for CNAs

In the vibrant landscape of Odessa, the journey towards becoming a capable healthcare professional unfolds with a distinct set of prerequisites. Embracing the community’s commitment to exceptional patient care, individuals are welcomed to join state-approved training programs that resonate with the city’s ethos of cultivating skilled and compassionate healthcare practitioners. Reflecting the spirit of West Texas, aspiring candidates must meet age criteria that signify readiness for the responsibilities that lie ahead.

Aligned with Odessa’s pursuit of healthcare excellence, candidates navigate comprehensive criminal background checks, ensuring the safety of patients and peers alike. Immunization records play a vital role, echoing the city’s dedication to fostering a secure healthcare environment. Furthermore, a nod to health screenings, if required, underlines the city’s focus on a robust and capable healthcare workforce, mirroring Odessa’s unique identity.

By adhering to these distinctive requirements, individuals set the stage for a legal and proficient healthcare journey in Odessa, where commitment harmonizes seamlessly with the local emphasis on excellence and community well-being.

Employment & Salary Information for CNAs in Odessa

In the heart of Odessa, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) can expect an average hourly wage of $15.37, translating to an annual income of about $31,960, based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data. While these figures might appear slightly below the national average of $17.41 per hour and $36,220 annually, as well as the state average of $15.46 per hour and $32,150 annually, it’s important to view them in the local context.

Odessa’s CNA salaries hold their ground within the city’s unique cost of living, offering a balanced lifestyle where earnings align well with expenses.

For those seeking to amplify their earnings, CNAs in Odessa can consider these strategies:

  • Certification Advancement: Pursue specialized certifications to access higher-paying roles and broader responsibilities.
  • Experience Amplification: With time, CNAs become more valuable in healthcare settings, often resulting in improved compensation.
  • Flexible Shifts: Embrace shifts like nights, weekends, or holidays, which frequently offer increased pay rates.

In essence, CNA salaries in Odessa reflect the city’s appreciation for healthcare professionals while resonating with its economic environment. Smart approaches for growth empower CNAs to weave a prosperous and rewarding career within Odessa’s distinctive healthcare landscape.

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