CNA Classes in Rockford

Nestled within Winnebago County, the city of Rockford emerges as a dynamic hub for cultivating proficient healthcare providers. Amidst its picturesque landscapes and vibrant local culture, a gateway to a rewarding vocation awaits – through a diverse array of Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) classes.

In this city where stethoscopes harmonize with compassionate hearts, aspiring CNAs embark on a transformative journey. The CNA programs offered in Rockford not only impart theoretical precision but also nurture practical dexterity through immersive learning experiences. Seamlessly woven into the curriculum is the essence of empathy – a quintessential trait that Rockford’s healthcare community prides itself upon.

Led by adept mentors, these CNA classes harness the collective energy of healthcare enthusiasts and channel it into comprehensive patient care. Beyond the confines of textbooks, Rockford fosters an environment where learning is a fusion of skill honing and community engagement.

As you delve into the compilation of Rockford’s CNA classes, you are met not only with prospects of professional growth but also the promise of contributing to Rockford’s legacy of top-notch healthcare service.

These are the state-accredited CNA providers located in Rockford, Illinois.

Program City Phone Number
Illinois Institute Of Nursing Studies Rockford (779) 770-9967
Illinois Institute Of Nursing Studies-Hybrid Rockford (779) 770-9967
Rock Valley College Rockford (815) 921-3229
Forest City Rehab Rockford (815) 397-5531
Rock Valley College Rockford (815) 921-3264
Rockford Business College Rockford (815) 965-8616
Rockford School Practical Nursing Rockford (815) 966-3300
Rock River Healthcare Rockford  

Rockford Requirements for CNAs

Embarking on the journey to become a respected healthcare professional in Rockford comes with a distinctive set of prerequisites, blending theoretical understanding with hands-on finesse.

Prospective healthcare aspirants are invited to engage in a state-approved training program tailored uniquely for Rockford’s dynamic medical landscape. This program intricately interlaces classroom theories with real-world clinical exposure, nurturing a comprehensive skill set that mirrors Rockford’s unwavering commitment to exceptional care.

In tandem with this, candidates navigate a thorough background check, occasionally accompanied by fingerprint submissions. This meticulous screening underscores Rockford’s pledge to prioritize patient safety and well-being, an emblematic feature of the city’s healthcare philosophy.

Once armed with the requisite training and a clean background slate, individuals pursuing their healthcare calling in Rockford set their sights on conquering a competency evaluation. This evaluation serves as a hallmark, validating the proficiency and dedication that nursing professionals bring to the Rockford healthcare arena.

However, Rockford’s allure extends beyond the formal prerequisites, inviting aspirants to infuse their journey with a genuine touch of empathy and a strong sense of community. The city seamlessly resonates with the compassionate care nursing professionals provide, making the path to nursing excellence not just a career pathway, but an indelible mark within Rockford’s rich healthcare legacy.

Employment & Salary Information for CNAs in Rockford

As we delve into the realm of Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) salaries, Rockford emerges as an intriguing focal point, showcasing a compensation landscape that intertwines with both the national and state averages. Drawing from data generously provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a nuanced perspective emerges.

In the Rockford metropolitan area, approximately 1,550 CNAs contribute their expertise, earning an average hourly wage of $16.72. This translates to an annual salary hovering around $34,770. The figures reflect the city’s distinct economic tapestry and the value it places on healthcare service.

Venturing beyond Rockford’s borders, the state of Illinois embraces a higher average hourly wage for CNAs, reaching $17.67, culminating in an annual compensation of approximately $36,750. This variance underscores the intricacies of the state’s healthcare compensation landscape, where Rockford finds itself slightly below the statewide average.

Zooming out to a national scale, where an expansive 1,310,090 CNAs form a vital part of the healthcare fabric, the average hourly wage stands at $17.41, with an annual salary benchmark of roughly $36,220. Rockford’s CNA salaries align more closely with this national benchmark than the state average, weaving the city’s unique economic dynamics into the larger narrative of healthcare compensation.

These salary insights encapsulate the interplay between Rockford’s local identity, the broader state context, and the national panorama, painting a holistic picture of CNA compensation that’s both regionally nuanced and nationally relevant.

Metro Area CNAs Employed Avg. Hourly Wage Avg. Annual Salary
Rockford 1,550 $16.72 $34,770
Illinois 37,730 $17.67 $36,750
United States 1,310,090 $17.41 $36,220