CNA Classes in Tampa, FL

The demand to care of an aging population is steadily increasing in Florida. Becoming a CNA is a way to break into the expanding health care progression. Nursing homes and long term care facilities are looking to fill job vacancies for certified nurse aides. To become a CNA (certified nursing assistant or certified nurse aide) in Florida, you need to undergo training and pass the state CNA exam. If you’re in the Tampa area, we’ve assembled a list of potential CNA classes to help you find a program that meets your needs. 

Florida CNA training requirements

Class requirements for becoming a CNA in Florida is one of the most rigorous in the country, but they will prepare candidates to successfully pass the CNA exam. 

  • 120 total hours
  • 80 hours of classroom time
  • 40 hours of clinical time

Requirements for being a certified CNA in Florida include:

  • Be a minimum of 16  years old
  • Demonstrate that you are in good physical health
  • Have up to date immunization records
  • Pass a legal background checks
  • Be fluent in English, or fluent in the dominant language used in the facility
  • Proof of graduating a state certified CNA program
  • Pass the state CNA exam
  • Being listed on the Florida state CNA registry

CNA Training in Tampa

There are a number of CNA training programs in Tampa for you to choose from as you look to begin your career in healthcare. If you’re looking for free CNA classes in the Tampa  area you’ll want to contact these listings individually to see if they offer options for free CNA training.

CNA Technical Center
The CNA Technical Center in Tampa has both a CNA Accelerated Course, a CNA Intensive Course and Online CNA programs which includes a hybrid option. The program is a 120 hour program, preparing candidates for all aspects of caring for elderly patients in long term care facilities.  For more information, go to, or call (813) 257-9096.

Veritas Nursing Academy
The Veritas Nursing Academy in Tampa is a Florida Board of Nursing Approved training provider. Nurse Aide Exam prep classes are offered to help prepare students to take the Florida CNA exam and become a CNA in Florida.  To learn more you can visit their website at or call 813-447-5422.

Aguilas International 
The Nurse Assistant Prep program at Aguilas International presents criteria to help CNAs take the Florida Certified Nursing Assistant Exam. Unlike a traditional CNA program, this is a 2 week prep course that is specifically design with nurse aide topics such as feeding, perineal care, skin care, toileting, grooming, and dressing that a candidate would see on the exam.  For more information, go to or call them at (813) 871-2407.  

CNA Free Training LocationCityPhone
Milwaukee Area Technical College
Milwaukee(262) 238-2281
Quality Health Care Options
Milwaukee(414) 475-7337
J.Johnson Education Center Ltd
Milwaukee(414) 438-9390
Silver Spring Community Nursing Center
Milwaukee(414) 535-0432

Helpful links for Tampa CNAs

Finding a local training class in the Tampa area is critical to becoming a CNA, but if you are still in the research phase of learning more about the profession or the requirements to gain your certification, we suggest the following links: