CNA Practice Tests

If you’re exploring the possibility of working as a CNA, you’ll need to be able to pass the exam to become certified. To help you in your preparation, we’ve put together the following CNA practice tests with a number of questions that will mimic the types of questions you’ll see on the multiple choice version of the test. These CNA practice tests are timed so pay attention to your pace to make sure you leave enough time to finish all of the questions.

CNA training is broken up into nine separate skill modules.  These skills cover the basic aspects of what a CNA needs to know to properly perform his or her daily job tasks.  These skills are covered within the CNA exam, spread across the written questions set which is normally between 60-90 questions.  Additionally, these skills are going to be addressed throughout the clinical section of your CNA exam.  As you prepare, it will be helpful to study and sample these test questions within the separate CNA training categories.  They are listed here:

Nearly every state in the U.S. has a similar format to their CNA Test. Some CNA exams are administered by a third party test vendor, such as Pearson Vue. Other states have their CNA tests handled by the department or bureau within the state that is responsible for the CNA Registry within that state. (For example, the Department of Health and Human Services).

CNA tests generally have two sections, a written (or oral) section and a clinical skills section. The CNA practice tests provided above are designed to help aspiring CNA candidates practice the written section of the exam. The written part of the CNA exam is critical as some states require a passing grade on this test before moving onto the clinical skills exam. Generally, there are a set of 60 to 80 questions that are on CNA tests, with a timed elements. The content of the questions pertains to the various skills and protocol that CNA candidates will learn in their respective CNA training modules.