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As you prepare to take your CNA exam, you are probably stressing about the types of questions you may see. While you have gone through

CNA Written Exams and Skills Exams

Nearly every state has the same standard protocol in which CNA tests are given. First, most CNA tests are administered by a third party test provider. These can include Credentia, Prometric, Headmaster Technologies and even the Red Cross. Second, there are two parts of the CNA test. Each state will have a written, or knowledge exam. Then, a candidate will have to take a CNA skills exam. 

The written exam is going to cover all aspects of topics and conduct covered within your CNA program. Questions will focus on the daily tasks that you will need to be aware of to be a qualified CNA. The skills exam is typically very hands-on. You will be demonstrating live CNA skills on either a model or a dummy. You will be going through the process of hand washing, wearing gloves and communicating with the patient. 

The skills exam is normally broken up specific kill sections. These typically include:

Basic Nursing Skills
Activities of Daily Living
Member of the Health Care Team
Restorative Rights
Clients Rights

You will want to be sure that you review all of the materials and knowledge that you have gained in your previous months attending your state approved CNA program. Whether you were at a community college, health care institution or a job corps program, you should be well equipped to pass your CNA exam and successfully answer your CNA test questions. 

Example CNA questions on your written or knowledge exam include:

Within Basic Nursing skills you may see questions such as:

If a resident begins to choke while being fed and is unable to speak, the nurse aide should call for help and begin doing _______________

Which of the following sets of vital signs should be reported immediately?

The pulse located in the neck is called the

In the Activities of Daily Living section, sample CNA questions may be:

The best food choices for a geriatric client with no teeth would include

A client consumed 180 cc of tea, 60 cc of soup, and 120 cc of ice cream. What is her total fluid intake?

Which of the following is true about visually challenged clients?

In the Members of the Health Care Team section, sample questions may include:

Which is a valid reason for a nurse aide to refuse to perform a task?

When a nurse aide cannot work due to illness, the nurse aide should

When transferring a client to a different unit, the most important information the nurse aide needs from the nurse is the:

Within the Communication section, example CNA test questions may include:

A patient turns on the call light when he needs to urinate. The appropriate action is to:

Which of the following things should the nurse aide do to familiarize new clients with their surroundings?

When a client turns on the call light every few minutes, the appropriate response is to:

Example CNA test questions on the Restorative Skills may include:

A decubitus ulcer can be caused by some of the following reasons:

A piece of linen that is placed beneath the client from shoulders to thighs is called:

The goal of bladder training is to

In the Client Rights Section of the CNA test, you may see questions such as:

When giving a bed bath, the nurse aide should:

Encouraging a client to take part in activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, combing hair, and feeding is:

When clients are in a healthcare institution, they can expect their treatment to conform to the:

Example test questions on the Spiritual and Cultural Needs section of the your CNA test is:

The client asks to see a priest. The nurse aide should:

When caring for a client from another country, the nurse aide should:

When interacting with a client who has differing cultural norms than that of your own, the Nurse Aide should:

Questions you may see on the Emotional and Mental Health Needs section are:

A goal for an extended care facility (ECF) resident is that she not swear at the nurses or aides. When she calls an aide by his name, the appropriate action is to:

A resident asks, “If I need help during the night, who will be there?” The nursing assistant should respond:

If a client is upset and is yelling, the nurse aide should respond by:

Example CNA test questions on the Legal and Ethical Behavior include:

Another nurse aide is not providing adequate care for the residents. The nurse aide who notices this should:

Which statement about injuries to clients and staff members is correct?

Failure to raise the side rails on the bed of a confused client is an act of:

Getting your CNA is a very involved process. Between getting your personal credentials, such as a background check and medical exam, going through a state approved CNA exam and passing your CNA exam, you have to invest a lot of time and money. However, it is worth it as becoming a CNA is great first step in the door of the expanding field of health care. Across the various sections of a typical exam, hopefully seeing these types of example CNA questions will help prepare you for what to expect. 

The CNA schools displayed in this section offer tuition-based programs.

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