Florida CNA License Lookup & Verification

If you’re looking for information on how to lookup or verify your CNA license in Florida, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we provide all the details you need to know about the steps for looking up and verifying a CNA license in Florida.

Verifying the status of your CNA license is important. Employers will often request to see proof of your certification, and you should always verify that your license is active and in good standing before beginning work.

How to verify your Florida CNA license

All CNA license lookup and verifications in Florida are done through the Medical Quality Assurance Search Services, provided by the Florida Department of Health.

Navigate to the License Verification page and select “Certified Nursing Assistant” under the Profession. Then enter as much information as you can in the remaining fields. If you have your license number available, enter your number if the “License Number” field to verify the status of your CNA license.

For further assistance on license verification, refer to their Site Help document.

How to lookup your Florida CNA license

Your license number is considered personal information, so looking your license up is not as easy as verifying its status. The following are several steps you can try to lookup your Florida CNA license:

  • Call or email the Florida Nurse Aide Registry
  • Reach out to your CNA classes provider to see if they have your CNA license number accessible
  • Look for any letters or emails you have received from the Florida Department of Health
  • Request a new CNA certificate

Quite often you may need to verify your social security number or other personal information in order to receive your license number. If you need to request a new CNA certificate a fee may be required to send the replacement.