TEAS 6 Practice Test

Take a free TEAS 6 practice test using the quiz below. TEAS, the Test of Essential Academic Skills, is an entrance exam for nursing schools that many applicants must take before applying to nursing schools or an allied health school. The TEAS test is in its sixth version and was updated in 2016. The test consists of reading, math, science, and English focused questions.

Free TEAS 6 Practice Test

The following is an untimed TEAS practice test. Sample questions on this test include math, science, reading, and English questions. When you are ready click the “Start Quiz” button below.

About the TEAS Test

The TEAS test is published by ATI Testing. The TEAS test has gone through many revisions over the years. The current 6th version is the ATI TEAS 6 test, which was released in 2016.

Are Calculators allowed?

Yes, you can use a calculator on the TEAS test. However, calculators are provided to test takers and are only able to do simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division functions. If you are taking the online version of the TEAS, you will have access to a digital calculator on your computer.

It is good to take practice tests using a calculator, so you can become more comfortable with solving tricky math problems with the assistance of a calculator.

TEAS Test Questions

The TEAS is made up of four main types of test questions.


The reading section of the TEAS was revised to more accurately reflect problems related to reading in nursing school program curriculum. The reading section is made up of 53 paragraph comprehension questions that must be completed in 64 minutes.

You can get ready for the reading section of the test by taking our free TEAS Reading practice test.


Math test questions consist of solving basic algebra and number problems as well as solving problems using data, graphs, and charts. The math section of the TEAS test consists of 36 questions that need to be completed in 54 minutes.

Take our free TEAS Math practice test to get ready for this section of the TEAS.


Science test questions on the TEAS focus on subjects relating to scientific reasoning, life and physical sciences, human anatomy, and physiology. The science section of the TEAS now consists of 53 questions and you will have 63 minutes to answer them.

Take our free TEAS Science practice test to view sample questions.


The TEAS English section is made up of vocabulary, grammar, and language usage. The English subtest is made up of 28 questions and you are given 28 minutes to complete them.

You can take our free TEAS English practice test to get an idea of questions found in the English section.

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