Linen Care

linen care in a hospitalNursing assistants should follow the documented policies of the healthcare facilities regarding transport and storage of linen.

When handling used or contaminated linen, there is a risk of the spread of microorganisms on the clothing and in the environment. To avoid these risks, the nursing assistant should do the following:

  • Use PPE such as gloves and aprons when handling and transporting used linen. This will prevent exposure of skin to microorganisms.
  • Hold the used linen away from the body when transporting it with hands. Avoid shaking it or dropping it on the way, as it can contaminate the area. Carry the linen in a bucket or a container.
  • Use appropriate laundry disposal equipment for disposing of used linen.
  • Ensure that the used linen is not washed in domestic washing machines, which are used for washing the patient’s personal items.
  • Perform hand hygiene after handling used linen.

The used linen is washed with hot water and detergent as specified by the healthcare facility policies.

Ensure that clean linen is stored in a clean and dry place so that they are not contaminated by aerosol, dust, and moisture.