Hair Care

hair careAssisting patients with hair care is one of the duties of a CNA. Patients with weak motor movements or other disabilities may find it difficult to comb, wash or oil their hair. It becomes imperative for the CNA to assist such patients and make their hair clean and healthy.

However, there are no standard procedures for providing hair care to a patient. It is one of the grooming activities that can keep the patient healthy both physically and emotionally, and improve their self-esteem.

Before performing hair care, the CNA should inform the patient that he or she is going to brush or comb the patient’s hair. Talking to the patient’s family members to understand the patient’s preferences is another way to make the patient comfortable. For instance, some patients may prefer a cosmetician to do their hair, and their decision should be considered.

When providing hair care, the CNA should take the following actions:

  • Put on the gloves and gather all the required supplies for hair care such as comb, oil or other hair care products.
  • Enquire how the patient would like his hair done.
  • Even when you are brushing the hair, talk to the patient to know how the patient is feeling or is experiencing any pain.
  • Use gentle movements when combing towards the scalp.
  • Observe the patient’s facial expressions for any signs of pain.