A CNA should demonstrate ethical behavior while caring for the patients. Ethical behavior protects life and promotes the health of the patients. The CNA should employ the following ethical principles at work:

  • Arrive on time for work, so that the patient is not left unattended. Take a leave only when necessary and inform the supervisor before being absent.
  • Follow all rules and regulations of the hospital and ensure that the work is performed within the scope of practice.
  • Demonstrate loyalty, flexibility, and co-operation at work.
  • Keep the patient’s personal information confidential. Discuss health-related information with the relevant healthcare team and not with colleagues or other patients. Do not share any patient information with others without the patient’s consent.
  • Respect each patient and provide care based on need and above all perform your job to the best of your ability.

The CNA should also guard himself/herself against unethical behaviors. The following behaviors can damage the professional image of a CNA, and also affect relationships with co-workers and patients:

  • Being absent from work without any reason.
  • Avoiding work by spending time in cafeterias or break rooms
  • Ignoring patients, not performing tasks as assigned, not answering call lights
  • Practicing discrimination towards patients from another race or culture
  • Using hospital stationery and other materials for personal use