Confused Residents

A change in the mental health of the resident can cause confusion, lack of orientation and other memory related issues. It is important for the CNAs to provide proper care to such patients as the patient is unable to decide for themselves, and also cannot think normally.

Confusion can occur because of psychological problems, stressful events, oxygen deprivation, or it could also be a side-effect of medications.

Confusion can make the residents repeat the tasks and speak the same statements, or speak about past events all the time. They may not co-operate in the activities and be afraid or suspicious of others. If they become disoriented to time and place, they may even roam about the place and become lost or injured.

When providing care for such patients, it is important to use tools that can orient them to their surroundings and make them feel comfortable and safe. Telling them where they are and answering their questions can encourage them to be co-operative. Keeping clocks, calendars in their rooms will keep the patient-oriented to present. Reading to them from the newspapers and using bulletin boards to give them information of the present is another good strategy to decrease confusion.