Digestive & Urinary Tract Cancers

Cancers of the digestive and urinary tract are progressive diseases and may become more complicated with time. The cancer cells multiply in the body and take the nutrients from the normal cells, thereby depriving the normal cells to function effectively.

Cancerous tumors in the digestive and urinary tract can damage the urinary bladders and kidneys and may need surgery. Often the patients cannot take in food and fluids and may have nasogastric or gastrostomy tube feedings. While nasogastric tubes are inserted through the nose into the stomach, gastrostomy tubes are placed directly on the stomach through a surgical opening.

A safety alarm is heard from the pump machine, thereby alerting the healthcare team in case of any feeding problems.

The CNA should take the following actions for patients with tube feedings:

  • Ensure that the patient does not have any food or drink by mouth.
  • Provide proper oral care to prevent infection. Ensure that the head of the bed is placed in a high position.
  • Observe for any signs of infection at the tube site.
  • Report any changes in the patient’s health immediately.