How to Write a Persuasive CNA Cover Letter

Although the resume is a critical element of your CNA job application it’s your cover letter that truly helps you outshine the competition. A cover letter simply aims at capturing the attention of your potential employer while explicitly demonstrating how your skills and qualifications make you the right candidate for a certain job. A typical job usually calls for a regular cover letter; however, a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) cover letter is much more than that, mainly because of the job nature, qualification process and the environment in which you can effectively work. This article will provide you all the necessary details that you should know for writing an appealing CNA cover letter. The article includes tips related to what content should be covered, how a CNA letter should be formatted, what research should be conducted before writing, and which factors can make your CNA letter stand out against the competition.

The Research Process

Before writing a CNA cover letter, it is always advisable to conduct preliminary research about the job area, to get some job-specific information and to learn explicit terminologies, as they tend to give an impression of professionalism and competence. Do not use the same cover letter for all the job postings, rather try to make it unique by shaping it with respect to the specific job needs of each employer. To write a unique CNA cover letter, it is prudent to research and include the information about the ongoing CNA market trends, details regarding the job description and information about the human resource or recruiting manager. Incorporating this information in your cover letter will “pop” for potential employers and indicates that you have undergone a detailed effort before drafting your cover letter for this particular person and company.

What Content Should Be Included?

Once you have gathered all the necessary pieces of information, it is the right time to brainstorm about what you should include in your cover letter. Things that we strongly recommend you include:

  • Clear and concise information about your relevant skills and experience
  • Brief information about your personal life and its relevance to your professional life
  • Your enthusiasm and passion for the position of a Certified Nursing Assistant

How to Format Your CNA Cover Letter

It is very important that your CNA cover letter is formally formatted. You should choose a professional CNA cover letter template. Microsoft Office offers few free templates; however, we would recommend you use a professional template specifically designed for CNAs like our downloadable example below. If you want to look for more examples, you can easily find other free CNA cover letter templates online.

Bonus Tips for Writing a CNA Cover Letter

If you have absolutely no experience in writing a persuasive CNA cover letter, then you might find it a little tricky. However, with the following tips and tricks, you can write an appealing CNA cover letter that we believe will catch the attention of your recruiter.

  • Have a clean and complete heading including your complete address, contact information, the date you are writing the letter, and the complete address of the organization that you are writing to.
  • It is always worthwhile to get details of the human resource/hiring manager such as name and exact job title. Use this information to address him/her in the letter. Mention their complete name, job title, and the company name.
  • Remember that the opening paragraph of your letter is very important, as according to research most of the recruiters only read the first and the last paragraph of your cover letter. Knowing this, try to write something that instantly grabs the recruiter’s attention and presents you as an ideal candidate.
  • Add details that highlight your passion and love for the field.
  • Briefly explain your skills and experience and the most important skills you bring to the position.
  • Research the employer and point out what makes them unique and why you want to work for them.
  • Mention any significant achievements that may be relevant to your role, such as certifications and awards, if you’ve received any specific to your field or any that may transfer (for example, a leadership or teamwork award).
  • Remember that your CNA cover letter should be complete but concise as recruiters do not have all day to spend reading an overly wordy cover letter.
  • Make sure that your letter is professionally formatted and neatly assembled. Also, try not to exceed one page.
  • Do not forget to sign your CNA cover letter.
  • Close your letter by restating why you are the ideal candidate and make an interview request to further discuss your suitability for the position.
  • If you are not an experienced CNA, simply highlight the greatest takeaways you’ve had via your classroom and hands-on education.
  • Be sure to mention any licenses you hold that are required for a CNA in your state.
  • Lastly, ensure that all the details provided in your CNA resume are aligned with the details you are providing in the cover letter.

Click to download a sample CNA cover letter

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